How can TALi DETECT help practitioners?

TALi DETECT is a clinically validated, game-based cognitive assessment of three important attention domains in children 3-7 years of age. The evidence-based assessment of TALi DETECT supports practitioner decisions and provides an easily interpretable report for communicating those decisions with parents.

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    Selective Attention

    The ability to select specific information from multiple sensory inputs. This is the most studied attentional network.

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    Sustained Attention

    The ability to increase and maintain vigilance and response-readiness in preparation for a forthcoming stimulus.

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    Executive Attention

    The ability to monitor and resolve conflict between computations in different neural areas, regulate thoughts and feelings, and overcome habitual actions.

Why is TALi DETECT necessary?

It can be difficult to identify behaviours associated with attention-related disorders and distinguish them from the kind of attention issues that occur in typically developing children. By just relying on observational assessment of a child’s behaviour, there is a chance that underlying vulnerabilities could be overlooked.

TALi DETECT complements observational (subjective) forms of assessment with a cognitive (objective) screening of a child’s attention skills in three important areas: selective attention, executive attention and sustained attention. A child’s attention skills are measured based on the performance data that is collected while they’re playing the TALi DETECT games.

Practitioners can incorporate TALi DETECT into existing test batteries to facilitate more comprehensive assessments of attention, provide additional evidence to support observational data, and identify how attention weaknesses may be impacting a child’s presentation.

For more information:

TALi DETECT fun and engaging digital attention assessment iPad and tablet app

Fun, engaging & easy to administer.

The TALi DETECT assessment can be completed in one session of approximately 20-30 minutes. A child completes seven fun and engaging game-based exercises, with their performance forming the basis of their attention report.

Unique early childhood attention profile report

Unique TALi Attention Profile for every child.

In addition to performance measurement using DETECT, TALi provides easy access to commonly used and normed behaviour measures. Clinicians using DETECT can have parents and educators complete behaviour measures with the results included within a comprehensive TALi attention report.

Unique early childhood attention profile report
Comprehensive early childhood attention skills reporting

Comprehensive Attention Report.

After completing TALi DETECT, you’ll receive a detailed report for each child, outlining their performance relative to the average performance of a large sample of neurotypical children (normative sample). The report identifies the overall attentional development of the child, as well as the child’s areas of strengths and weaknesses.

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*Cooperative Research Centres Projects (CRC-P) Grants provide funding for short-term research collaborations. It supports industry-led collaborations between industry, researchers and the community with the aim of fostering high quality research to solve industry-identified problems.