Including TALi TRAIN in your NDIS Reimbursement Plan has never been easier...


Registered NDIS Provider: 4050030967

Access TALi via the NDIS

As a registered NDIS provider, TALi is able to offer access to its early childhood attention strengthening programs. Follow the steps below and our team will assist in navigating the NDIS reimbursement process with you.

Allow a budget

Ensure that your child's plan allows sufficient budget for the cost of TALi training ($349+GST) to cover one of TALi's approved registration groups.

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    0103 Assistive Products for Personal Care and Safety
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    0116 Innovative Community Participation
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    0124 Communication and Info Equipment
Contact us with details of your child's plan

Whether your child's NDIS plan is managed by the NDIA, by you or a plan manager, we will need some information to get you started.

Note: If your child’s plan doesn’t provide sufficient budget, you will need to talk to your plan manager to reallocate funding or seek a recommendation from your healthcare provider for your plan manager.