Tips when using TALi TRAIN with your child

17 Dec 20192-minute read
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Tips when using TALi TRAIN

Attention is one of the most valuable skills. Just like reading and writing, it’s essential for children to build strong relationships, engage in the classroom and get the most out of life. 

TALi TRAIN is a personalised attention training program for children. The program aims to help children develop their attention skills through game-like training that can be completed on a tablet at home under the supervision of a healthcare professional.

Here are some tips when using TALi TRAIN:

TALi TRAIN needs to become a routine part of their weekly schedule, even if it is difficult at times. There is a level of repetition that is an essential component in the training, despite these games being designed as engaging and fun as possible. Each game also offers a reward upon completion, which is intended to encourage the child further.

Many will find that, if the boredom slump is going to hit, it will usually occur around session 12 of TRAIN. This is the time when you may need to offer some additional incentives.

These are our suggestions:

1. Include TRAIN in a weekly schedule

Along with school, extracurricular activities, playdates and chores, TRAIN should be just another element of your child’s weekly calendar. Try to establish a consistent time for your TRAIN days so to help reinforce this routine.

Avoid playing TRAIN on an empty stomach or when your child is tired (i.e. the end of the day or after playing sport) because their concentration abilities will be low.

2. Think about ways to incentivise TRAIN

When deciding on what rewards to offer, consider what you loved as a child and the kind of rewards that your child has shown to like. The most effective rewards for young children are often simple things – like stickers and coloured stamps, special privileges or even choosing what movie the family watches that night.

You might also consider intangible rewards, such as words of praise and recognition. Congratulating your child on how well they’re progressing can be a very powerful motivator.

3. Remind your child why they’re doing TRAIN

Attention is an elemental skill that helps a child learn, create, talk and play with friends, and co-operate with other kids (e.g. participating in a team sport). If they start to understand why it’s important to learn attention skills, this will help encourage them to keep playing the TRAIN games and seeing how much they can achieve in a day’s session.

4. Take part in the session yourself

TALi TRAIN was designed for a parent and child to play together. We want families to be involved in TRAIN from the beginning so you get to see where your child is excelling and where they may need more support.

Your involvement will also help your child focus and keep on task. The more positive reinforcement you give, the more likely your child will continue to use the program. If you do this for the first few sessions, you should begin to see your child’s focus improve.

One last point…

If your child loses interest midway or later in TRAIN, we recommend giving them a day off and then reintroducing the program the following day. Just remember, even if you stop for a day, it is very important your child completes all the sessions to receive the maximum benefit from their ‘TRAINing’.

Our TALi Team is here to ensure you and your children get the most from your TALi journey. Don’t hesitate to contact us at or 1300 082 013.