TALi Pricing Healthcare Practitioners

TALi pricing for Healthcare Practitioners

Attention training can help little ones at home, in school and in social situations. Help us give children the tools and support they need to find their happy.


Assess Attention


Assess & Strengthen Attention


TALi Portal

Access the TALi Portal, where you can manage your account and view your child’s progress.

Behavioural Assessment of Attention

Subjective behavioural assessment of your child’s attention.

Cognitive Assessment of Attention

Digital cognitive assessment of your child’s attention, via the TALi DETECT app.

Assessment Results

Results of your child’s Behavioural and Cognitive Assessments.

Assessment Report

Comprehensive reporting on your child’s assessment results, including their unique TALi Attention Profile.

TALi TRAIN: Attention Strengthening Program

Access to our 5-week intensive attention training program, via the TALi TRAIN app.

Ongoing Progress Reporting

Statistics and insights into your child’s progress, allowing you to provide support where required.

Post-Training Assessments of Attention

Upon completion of TALi TRAIN, repeat the Behavioural and Cognitive Assessments.

Results of Training Reporting

Post-training results, presented alongside the pre-training results to measure positive impacts of training.

Program Completion Certificate

Your child will receive a certificate, congratulating them for their hard work.

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    TALi DETECT was developed under the Cooperative Research Centres Program (CRC-P) from the Department of Industry, Innovation and Science.*

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*Cooperative Research Centres Projects (CRC-P) Grants provide funding for short-term research collaborations. It supports industry-led collaborations between industry, researchers and the community with the aim of fostering high quality research to solve industry-identified problems.